#StopTrafficAccidents Social Media Campaign

We invited everyone to our #StopTrafficAccidents social media campaign in order to STOP deaths due to traffic accidents and to raise awareness.
Celebrities, traffic victims and thousands of people, young and old alike, have supported the campaign which we initiated in Turkey in the Traffic Week in 2020.

Now, we are growing our campaign in the Traffic Week 2021 (May 1-7) with the goal of reaching millions!

As the My Rights in Traffic Association, we prepared eight 45-seconds public service announcement (PSA) ads for our campaign, with the support from theTurkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the aim of increasing awareness on the importance of traffic rules and compliance therewith.Our PSAs feature popular Turkish celebrities such as actress Ecem ÖZKAYA, rock singer Haluk LEVENT, actor and traffic victim Temmuz KARİKUTAL,as well as traffic victims Yasemin USTA, Serdar EVLİN (disabled), Selma EVLİMEN and Mürsel AKTAŞ (disabled).The project is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Traffic Department of the Security General Directorate and the
Traffic Services Department of the General Command of Gendarmerie.

Our PSA ads will be aired on TV and published on social media in the Traffic Week, from May 1 to 7.
For detailed information on our campaign and the Association’s activities, please see our promotion file attached.
We wish our campaign to reach millions throughout the globe. We had our 45-second PSAs translated into English and German.

Persons and institutions who wish to support our #StopTrafficAccidents  Campaign may do so by;
-          Sharing our campaign PSAs, and
-          Shooting their own awareness videos.

Çağrı Videosu   Haluk Levent
Ecem Özkaya   Temmuz Karikutal
Yasemin Usta   Serdar Evlin
Selma Evlimen   Mürsel Aktaş

Persons and institutions who wish to prepare their own awareness videos:
1.     Please decide the most crucial traffic accident reason for your point of view. (High speed, alcohol, etc.)
2.     After that, make a video of this problem and warn people with this video.
3.     At the end of the video, please write “DUR ” (STOP) with a red marker & make a STOP gesture like a police officer.
4.     If you don’t want to record a video, you can also post a photo with the hashtag #StopTrafficAccidents  to support our movement.
5.     When you are going to share your video or photo post, please mention our social media accounts and #StopTrafficAccidents 

Our social media accounts are;
https://twitter.com/TrafikteHaklar , 
Please don’t forget we are all passengers, drivers, pedestrians in the traffic every day.
Help us to share this awareness altogether.
We need your support! Why?:

According to statistics of WHO (World Health Organization);
-        Every year 1.35 million people die because of traffic accidents.
-        It means every 24 seconds; we have lost a soul for nothing.
-        Every year 20 to 50 million people are getting injured or disabled for life.
Between the years of 2009 – 2018, 74.800 people lost their lives in the accident scene or hospital only in Turkey, and 2.694.604 people were injured.How many people are disabled forever?
The cause of the traffic accident ratio is % 90 drivers behind the wheel & the % 8 is the pedestrian’s fault, which means % 98 of the traffic accidents caused by people.
If we have analyzed our country’s (Turkey’s) data, we have faced a dramatic result.
Every year in Turkey, we are losing a small village of people and, a middle size village of people completely wounded because of the accidents.
The statistics have shown us; those accidents can be prevented with a simple method.
Just follow the traffic rules, and that’s it!
Our aim as My Rights in Traffic Association (Trafikte Haklarım Derneği) is to say STOP to accidents all around the World.
We are waiting for your kind support.
Together we will say #StopTrafficAccidents  for a future with no traffic accidents.



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